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My mom wonders how no one has realized that I’m sometimes lazy, my boyfriend sometimes thinks I’m too social and I believe that they know me too well.

I’ve lead one of Sweden’s telecom carriers to become number 1 online, taken a web security company to market and launched 5 new e-commerce sites. Because I love to create memorable customer experiences online. Today I split my time between my developing digital services and consulting to create more great experiences online. I also speak about digital strategy, mobile commerce and entrepreneurship.

I’m based in Stockholm, Sweden but both work and travel a lot, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to join forces, no matter where you are.

In the summer of 2012 I launched Sweden’s first (and still only?!) completely responsive telecom site. Shortly before I learned that there was another company who had launched two responsive e-commerce sites before that; Young Skilled. And it was not long until I had joined their team. Today I run my own company focusing on customer experiences. Regardless of web genre; we do e-commerce, digital product, customer service with the goal of studying and improving customer experiences.

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Improvement should be the focus for product development

Recently I’ve spent a lot of time thinking of what makes some product so much more successful than others. As I work for in the telecom industry products easily become cellphones as this is something I know about. So what is it that makes the iPhone so much more successful than other brands? And how is it that iOS can keep so big market share when almost every other company develops with android?

I’ve seen a few things that I think defines this, and surely I’m not the first to figure it out, but what I want you to remember as the core idea is this: If you don’t believe in your own products then why would anyone else?

Product improvement

How many people can name four or five HTC models? Or SE past the “3310”? Anyone know the name of the “Apple phone” and most knows all the versions. Apple could have renamed and redesigned all the iPhones they have created, but instead of doing that they have kept improving the original iPhone. Showing that they believe in the product (while admitting there is always room for improvement) so we can too. While all other phone producers keep changing them so much that the customer cannot assume that they can easily change phone from the same producer without having to relearn the functionality.

Focus on the basic functions

Apple has realized that it is the basic features on the phone that is still the most important and most used. Calling, texting, now; emailing, checking calendar, etc. Thus they have focused on making these functions easy to use and keep improving them. Such as letting email sort after subject etc.

One fits all instead of one of each one

There have been many rumors implying that Apple is planning a “cheaper” iPhone. Personally I doubt this, but anyway,  only having one phone, thought a few versions of it. Makes it really easy for the user to choose which iPhone they want. Sure you can buy in different colors and GB, but here Apple once again prove that they believe in their products. They aren’t saying “these couple of phones are good, pick one of them” they are saying “this one is the best”. I wonder what make it easier for the customers 😉

Steve Job’s introduction of all new products

Before every launch of every product of version of it we here Steve Jobs stand up and tell us about it. To have the CEO introduce or talk about a product is not that rare, but with Jobs enthusiasm toward the products and his (at least perceived) knowledge, at least I get the feeling that he has been part of creating them. And that is more than I can say about many other leaders “representing” their products.

Usability and consistency

A while back I questioned, “is usability the key to success?” when it comes to Apple it is at least on the most important things., if not the most important. We have seen many YouTube clips of two year olds using the iphone and the 100 year old woman using the iPad, that if anything shows that they made them easy to use. And we like easy!


In other words.. You have to believe in your product to make everyone else do it to, be proud and improve instead of starting from scratch!

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is one of my

hidden talents.

I was born on stage, or at least that is what I am told. As a child I was the lead in every play, today there is less drama and more facts. I’ve been hired to speak for smaller group at major events such as the Conversion jam and Guldnyckeln. I’m also a toastmasters member since 4 years back.

I speak about what I love doing:

  • Digital strategies
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Digital customer experiences
  • Mobile commerce and E-commerce
  • Web and conversion optimization
  • Web analysis (Mostly google analytics)

Here are the slides from my presentation at Conversion Jam.

And the presentation

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