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My mom wonders how no one has realized that I’m sometimes lazy, my boyfriend sometimes thinks I’m too social and I believe that they know me too well.

I’ve lead one of Sweden’s telecom carriers to become number 1 online, taken a web security company to market and launched 5 new e-commerce sites. Because I love to create memorable customer experiences online. Today I split my time between my developing digital services and consulting to create more great experiences online. I also speak about digital strategy, mobile commerce and entrepreneurship.

I’m based in Stockholm, Sweden but both work and travel a lot, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to join forces, no matter where you are.

In the summer of 2012 I launched Sweden’s first (and still only?!) completely responsive telecom site. Shortly before I learned that there was another company who had launched two responsive e-commerce sites before that; Young Skilled. And it was not long until I had joined their team. Today I run my own company focusing on customer experiences. Regardless of web genre; we do e-commerce, digital product, customer service with the goal of studying and improving customer experiences.

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13 tips for an even more awesome SXSWi experience

While I still have it fresh in memory I thought I would write down some learnings from SXSWi. Bare in mind though that I had read very little about the event itself before I got there and basically all I knew was that it was the heart of interactive everything in the world.


  1. Plan time to stand in the badge pickup line
    If the badge pick up is coordinated in the same time as this year I would plan at least 2,5h of standing in line. Meaning that don’t plan a quick pick up right before a session you really want to attend. I was in line for 1:43:46. Also there is a goodie bag to pick up after you picked up a bag, it contains a paper guide of the event with bus lines etc. Awesome if your not from around and have 3g. If so, you probably only need the app.
  2. Don’t expect a lot of shopping opportunities
    Most people, myself included, was surprised by the limited shopping opportunities in the city. As the beginning of this event was very rainy this made it almost impossible to find an umbrella. Though sun-glasses and — was probably the best give away that companies had.


  1. Sessions are grouped by categories and each location host a category
    This was something that I was not aware of, but apparently each location host a category of session. So from what I’ve heard the intercontinental hotel hosted marketing sessions. Those who like to follow a category could there for stay in the same location for the whole conference instead of running on and off the shuttles.
  2. Plan what sessions to attend & be on time for those you assume will be popular 
    Before arriving to the event I hadn’t realized just how much there is to do and how many opportunities and categories there are. Thus the planning part I had not planned for. (Irony!) However after standing in line for almost 2 hours I was quite planned out. I recommend that you pick 2-3 sessions at each start hour to know what to do if some of them fills up. I do how ever recommend to not plan all hours because there are things going on 24/7 and even geeks need sleep.
  3. Sessions are labeled with a difficulty level
    Since I only used the app I almost missed out on this completely as it was not included. But all sessions are labels beginner, intermediate or advanced which could be useful to know especially if you are choosing between a few. I believe this was info was in the printed folder.
  4. Topic vs speaker
    I also realized like many times before that it was many times more inspiring to listen to a well known speaker than it was to listen to an interesting topic. Thus if there is a speaker you don’t know before, be sure to read up on the objectives.
  5. Try something new
    One of my favorite sessions during the event was by a NewYorker cartoonist who shared his knowledge about staying creative at all times. Super inspiring but for me off topic. I will do more of that next year.


  1. I recommend tablet + extra keyboard or very light laptop
    So I tend to go to the extreme with ‘equipment’ obviously this happened at this event as well. But having done this once I recommend just brining an tablet (read iPad) with what ever extra keyboard you have or a macbook air because it is annoying carrying around a heavy laptop (I have a macbook pro). Most of what you do is typing and tweeting anyway.
  2. SLR / Digital or phone camera?
    I brought by Canon 60d to the Austin but did not take it in to the city until the event was over. It was simply to heavy to be dragging around and there are not enough beauty to take GOOD pictures on anyway. People might scream when I say this but I preferred my iPhone camera for this event. However, I do know that there were a few photo sessions and meet ups so if you think you will use it, bring it. I won’t next year. If you have a bad phone camera though i recommend a smaller camera since there are a lot of moments you want to remember.
  3. Charger & WIFI
    The event locations have all WIFI and tons of places to charge your everything. Sometimes though time is limited so you could make use of a back up charger.

Stay & transport

  1. Stay close to the area
    I recommend paying that extra amount to stay close to the event. Simply because there is so much going on and many times I would have loved to go back for a quick PN or to drop of some stuff in-between night and day actives. I did one or both  most days.
  2. Don’t count on public transport and TAXI can be tricky
    My host was completely chocked when he learned that I took the bus the first day. He had never done that since he moved to austin. And I understand because I think it only happened once that it was on time. Taking a cab/taxi could also be tricky if you live fairly close to the city as he drivers don’t want short trips.


  1. I prefered the unofficial parties
    Now this statement is a bit biased as I attended mostly unofficial parties, but the official once were a bit more stiff. Hang out with people and see what they are up to, or take a stroll around the city and see where it seems to be happening. I liked most areas except east 6th.
  2. Rsvp? Maybe.
    Many want you to RSVP to the events before. We did this at a few, but at least on the once we went to, we were not required to. Look it up in advanced though if there is something you don’t want to miss.

Feel free to comment with more tips and I will be sure to add them, or if you have your own list I can link to that.

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is one of my

hidden talents.

I was born on stage, or at least that is what I am told. As a child I was the lead in every play, today there is less drama and more facts. I’ve been hired to speak for smaller group at major events such as the Conversion jam and Guldnyckeln. I’m also a toastmasters member since 4 years back.

I speak about what I love doing:

  • Digital strategies
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Digital customer experiences
  • Mobile commerce and E-commerce
  • Web and conversion optimization
  • Web analysis (Mostly google analytics)

Here are the slides from my presentation at Conversion Jam.

And the presentation

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I'm also reachable via