I met a guy yesterday whom apparently had done the Aim Challenge a lot of times so I made sure to get his best tips and here are the ones I remember.

In a week, it is time for the Aimchallenge at Lindvallen in Sälen. My brother and I are competing and I’m so excited. My brother wants to win and I just want to beat 10 (from the bottom). I’m quite a competitive person and he will probably be a bit more realistic when we get to the starting line, so somewhere in the middle would be fun.

The guy I met yesterday who has apparently done it a lot of times and he gave me his best tips,  so here are the ones I remember:

  1. Bring plenty of water, a backpack and two bottles on the bike. Have regular water in the backpack and energy drinks with ”resorb” (sports) in the bottles.
  2. Make sure you have plenty of bars/gels with you to give you energy
  3. Use with SPD shoes if you have a softer pair, it will help you when it comes to cycling and you can run in them.
  4. Hire/borrow/buy a map holder for the bike.
  5. Collaborate, one of you ”blipps”  while the other use the map to figure out where to go next
  6. Take the bike in the morning and try to find the first control spot so you have a plan right away when it starts.
  7. Set a clock for 4 hours, check how far you’ve come to your route when it rings and decide if you need to change your plan.
  8. Try not to think about how you’re ”supposed to take the controls” and focus instead on finding the best/smoothest way (everything goes!)
  9. Check out old maps and see which route you’ve taken. When you start, draw either a route that suits you or just draw a run that is random and solve all the challenges along the way.
  10. There is a check on the top of a ski slope, consider if it’s worth it, the energy you use to get there might be the same as reaching  3 other controls.

There was certainly a lot more tips, but unfortunately, I forgot. Yes, he said you should choose whether to make the challenge just for fun or to get a lot of points.  Once you know that you can decide which race if for you.

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