Maybe you’ve heard of them. The so-called running streaks, people who have run every day for hundreds of days. They set up some ground rules, often not too difficult, maybe run 20 minuter or 2 k every day. And then they set off.

I recently did something similar, I set a movement goal based on the Apple watch circle. Every day for a month I would fill all circles. I succeeded in July this year, so I decided to extend my challenge a month but increase the difficulty every week, this was harder, but I realised that since I had been on a streak for that long if felt much harder to break it.

So I managed to make yet another month. Then on the first of September, I forgot my watch and the streak was over. All of a sudden my motivation was gone with it. So never underestimate the power of a streak, it’s difficult to break a promise to yourself.

Ps. Now, I’ve not had any coffee for the last 6 days and not had it daily for a month. Streaks are powerful

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