If I’m impressed by someone, I cannot help asking questions to learn more. Today I had the opportunity to hang out with entrepreneur Alfred Appelros, Alfred is a bit unique to me because he operates two companies, has six employees and travels a lot every month. But every time I meet him, he is calm, present and always have full control of the situation.  So, I asked him what his secret to being calm was and what were some of his best tips.

  1. Do not take things too seriously
    If something bad happens or something goes wrong, stop, reflect, realize that there is a solution. Certainly, he is right. I’m probably not the only one who sometimes puts unreasonable deadlines without a reason or overreacts when something goes wrong.
  1. Do things slowly
    This was a tip he learned on the road. If you do things slowly, your stress decreases. So you should try to walk slowly, cycle slowly, talk slowly and brush your teeth slowly. Then you calm down.
  1. Have a boring moment every day
    Believe it or not, it’s good for the brain. It waits, relaxes and is more ready for the next challenge.
  1. Stop and reflect
    On my way to the next meeting, I stop. Then I think. I ask myself,  How does my body feel? What am I thinking? What should I do right now?
  1. Meditate every day
    He told me he has a routine in which he asks himself 6 questions every day. The first three in the morning and the other three in the evening.

    • Did I look at your goals? (Just read them)
    • Have I meditated? (1 minute or 15 minutes, all count)
    • What are my goals for the day?
    • Have I been training? (You really should answer when you go to the gym, not when you leave, because the behavior you want to confirm is actually ’going to’ the gym)
    • What could have been better?
    • What has been good?

All good tips, but I’ll try item number 2 first. Time to brush my teeth slowly.

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