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High Risk, or Hard Work?

For the vast majority, entrepreneurship defines taking risks and facing many uncertainties; which means that many do not attempt or dare to walk this path. Of course, you may need to take many risks, but you can use these risks as building stones by working harder than others; and I have chosen to do that.

I left high school, as I wasn’t sure what I even wanted to be when I got older. Instead of seeking 3-5 years of college, I opted to take smaller courses at the university and study travel in my spare time. Today, I probably have more university credits than most people and one degree, but my student loans are almost non-existent.

When I opted for a full-time entrepreneurship, I already had two customers, one with a longer agreed upon contract and one with a shorter one. I went out of the office on Friday and Monday, and this was my full-time job, being a consultant, self-employed. This alone is proof that you can build your own business if you can just sell your product.

When I started my e-commerce business I decided to start consulting less, and spend most of my time and resources on building my online marketplace. During this time I didn’t earn a lot of money, but I earned enough to get an ok salary and I got to learn a lot.

Obviously, none of this would be classified under high risk/high reward. But, for those who are aren’t prone to take risks, maybe this is the ultimate first venture into entrepreneurship.

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