About me

I’ve had the honor to meet and learn from people much smarter and more experienced than me. I’ve also been keen on learning more and developing myself, and because of it, I’ve been very fortunate. Therefore, I always try to take the time to answer questions and give advice when I can, because without the advice I’ve got I wouldn’t be where I am today. I started this blog to share some of the best things I learned because I truly believe in the power of paying it forward.

So who am I?
My name is Annelie Näs, and I’m a Swedish entrepreneur based in Stockholm. I run and own two companies. Naes & Friends that help businesses and professionals create better customer experiences. And Naes Invest, my recently founded investment company, that I started due to my newfound interest in the stock market.

In my spare time, I usually hang out with my boyfriend Mathias, or some friends. I love to travel and try to go somewhere every two months. However, my parent’s cabin is probably my favorite place in the world.

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